Do Bidets Help Hemorrhoids | 5 Best Bidets for Hemorrhoids

Life is fraught with uncomfortable truths. One of them is hemorrhoids, which affect close to 3 out of 4 adults in America.

This is why many people think about buying a bidet when they have hemorrhoids – and that’s not necessarily a bad idea because it can create a healthier state of hygiene for these individuals.

In this article, we take a look at the best bidets for hemorrhoids. Some are better than others and it is important to get one that will provide the desired result. Long cleaning sessions with low-pressure and wide spray jets seem to be popular in homes.

How Bidets Help Hemorrhoids

Bidets are especially ideal for those who have recently undergone a hemorrhoidectomy. The area that has been surgically repaired is very sensitive and skin irritation may occur as a result, so this device can be really useful to avoid these issues.

How Bidets Help Hemorrhoids
How Bidets Help Hemorrhoids

A gentle stream of Water is more comfortable and kind than using wipes, so it is a perfect solution for hemorrhoid surgery recovery.

It keeps the area clean as it heals. Doctors recommend drying the area with a towel while a luxury bidet can also offer benefits.

When life gives you hemorrhoids, switch to using a bidet. They help soothe the pain and prevent any further irritation.

Soothe Pain

Bidets are a great way to soothe and relieve pain from hemorrhoids. They provide relief for many people by providing a gentle stream of water that can be directed at the area in need. This will help to clean the area, as well as provide soothing relief.

Prevent From Irritation and Itching

The water pressure in the bidet helps cleanse and soothe the skin, which can help with irritation and itching.

Protect the Anus From Germs and Bacteria

Bidet uses a stream of water to clean the anus and surrounding area. The water helps to clean the anus and get rid of any bacteria, which can lead to further problems.

Give Comfort in Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the rectum or anus that can cause discomfort, itching, and burning. They can be caused by constipation or straining during bowel movements.

So Bidets are a great option for hemorrhoidectomy patients because they help reduce pain and swelling by providing a gentle stream of water that washes away stool residue from the area.

This helps prevent irritation caused by contact with fecal matter.

Keeps Anus Dry for Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery

Bidets are also helpful in recovering from hemorrhoid surgery because they can help heal wounds faster. Bidet use can reduce inflammation and swelling, which will make recovery after surgery much easier.

Overall Best Bidet for Hemorrhoids Available on the Market

There are many benefits of using a bidet for hemorrhoids. Bidets can provide a soothing and refreshing sensation that is absent in toilet paper.

Bidets also offer more comfort and convenience than toilet paper when cleaning off after bowel movements.

The best bidet for hemorrhoids is one that provides an adjustable water pressure setting, a nozzle that can be positioned to reach all areas in the rear area, and a variety of nozzle sizes for different body types.

There are many different models available, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for you and what features should be included in order to suit your needs. That’s why I have compiled a list of my Top 3 picks below.

1. Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids: Best Value

Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids
Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids

The Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet Seat is an innovative user-friendly electronic bidet toilet seat that offers relief to those who suffer from hemorrhoids.

It has a gentle, water-powered cleansing system that provides relief without using harsh chemicals to cleanse the user.

This bidet is the best. It has a warm air dryer, warm water wash, stainless-steel nozzle, strong & soft wash modes, and more! I’M SO CONVINCED!

Product Detail

Item Weight‎15.82 pounds
Product Dimensions‎19.53 x 15.98 x 5.71 inches
Material‎Stainless steel
Item Package Quantity‎1
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Alkaline

Features and Performance

1. Cleansing Performance

  • Offers a unique cleansing experience. As soon as you are done with your business, all you have to do is push the button and this bidet seat will start cleaning your private parts.
  • It also has an adjustable nozzle that can be used to wash any part of your body, including your backside.

2. Warm Water Performance

  • Has an advanced warm water performance system that delivers a warm stream of water with adjustable pressure and temperature control.

3. Advanced Spray Performance

  • Has a new and improved advanced spray that will keep you feeling clean and fresh.

4. Warm Air Dryer Feature and Performance

  • Offers a warm air dryer that helps you get clean and dry in no time.

5. Seat and Lid Feature

  • The seat has a lid and heated seat that can be raised or lowered to suit the user’s needs.

6. Night Use Feature and Performance

  • Comes with a night-use feature ie nightlight that makes it easy to use at night.

7. Sanitation Feature

  • Brondell Bidets are safe, sanitary, and innovative. They provide an extra level of hygiene and help you stay fresh without replacing your toilet.

8. Convenience Features

  • A most convenient way to clean up after you go to the bathroom. It has a heated seat, a heated water mist, and an oscillating nozzle.

Special Benefits for Hemorrhoids

1. Sitz Bath/Spray

  • An excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin, as it uses a gentle spray instead of water jets. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting sore or irritated during use.

2. Endless Warm Water

  • Provides endless warm water for your comfort. It has self-cleaning nozzles and a heated seat to ensure you are always feeling clean and refreshed.

3. Advanced Spray For Hemorrhoids

  • It has an advanced spray that features a pulsing water mist that is designed to relieve pain and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

4. Warm Air Dryer Adjustable

  • It also has an adjustable warm air dryer to help keep things feeling fresh and clean after you use the wash feature.


  • Easy installation. The installation only requires one water line from the toilet water tank.
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable heated seat


  • The Brondell’s drying feature does work great, but not as a replacement for toilet paper. The water needs to be dabbed off before utilizing the drier.
  • The water pressure was not strong enough.
  • The temperature of the water was also not even warm.
  • The slight Learning curve to use
  • The air dryer is all but useless
  • Time-consuming to use

Brondell Swash LE99 Bidet is the best choice when it comes to hemorrhoids. The adjustable water temperature and heated seat are both features that can be adjusted, depending on the individual’s needs – this means it can cater to most people who have hemorrhoids or other issues with their rectal region.

2. The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet for Hemorrhoids: Luxury Pick

The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet for Hemorrhoids
The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet for Hemorrhoids

There’s nothing more luxurious when it comes to your bathroom experience than a bidet toilet seat.

The Brondell Swash 1400 is an electronic one that provides easy use and brings you the most comfortable sensations. The elongated design of this bidet makes it perfect for bathrooms with less elbow room.

The Nozzle Clean+ feature ensures that your nozzles are always squeaky clean while the endless warm water spray and four temperature settings give you a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Product Detail

Item Weight‎14.3 pounds
Product Dimensions‎20.43 x 15.2 x 5.75 inches
Item model number‎S1400-EW
Batteries‎4 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Material‎Stainless steel
Power Source‎Corded electric
Voltage‎120 Volts
Installation Method‎Self Install
Item Package Quantity‎1
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎No
Battery Cell Type‎Lithium
Warranty‎3 year

Features and Performance

1. Cleansing Performance

  • Features a number of cleansing modes. The one-touch auto mode and programmable settings will create the perfect bathroom experience for you with just the touch of a button.
  • From this home bidet, you can create your ideal bathroom experience with endless combinations.

2. Warm Water Performance

  • It uses heated water to clean the user’s bottom and then turns it into a comfortable hand-washing solution.

3. Advanced Spray Performance

  • The advanced spray features offer adjustable pressure for different levels of cleansing.

4. Warm Air Dryer Feature and Performance

  • The Brondell Swash 1400 uses warm air to dry your bottom after using the toilet.

5. Controls of Brondell Swash 1400

  • It has a remote control with which you can adjust the water pressure and temperature, a heated seat, and even a deodorizer.

6. Seat and Lid Performance

  • Advanced lid and seat performance. The lid opens automatically when you approach the toilet, and it closes automatically after you leave.

7. Deodorizer Feature and Performance

  • The Brondell Swash 1400 has an integrated deodorizer that eliminates unwanted odors from the toilet bowl by emitting negative ions to remove odor molecules from the air.

8. Night Use Feature and Performance

  • Has a cool blue illuminating nightlight to make using the bathroom at night easier on your eyes.

9. Sanitation Feature

  • Provides the user with a more sanitary experience when they use their toilet.
  • The product attaches to your toilet and includes many features such as water temperature control, a self-cleaning nozzle, a heated seat, and oscillating or pulsating spray.

10. Convenience Features

  • Offers numerous conveniences. It has a heated seat, a warm air dryer, and a deodorizer.
  • It also has an adjustable water temperature and pressure, as well as a remote control to make it more convenient for the user.

Special Benefits for Hemorrhoids

1. Endless Warm Water

  • It also has an automatic air deodorizer which will eliminate odors from the bathroom and make it smell fresh all day long.

2. Adjustable Warm Air Dryer

  • Has an adjustable warm air dryer that can help you to easily customize your drying experience.

3. Sitz Spray Mode

  • The Sitz Spray Mode is a great way to clean your bottom after using the toilet and before you put on your underwear or trousers.


  • It has 7 nozzle positions, so you can customize the spray to your needs.
  • it has a replaceable carbon deodorizer.
  • includes a ceramic core heating system, a heated seat, and a warm water wash.


  • the dryer power might not be the most impressive.
  • the spray cycle of this bidet is very short

The Brondell Swash 1400 features adjustable water pressure, a heated seat, and a warm air dryer for the ultimate intimate cleaning experience.

It also has an automatic air deodorizer which will eliminate odors from the bathroom and make it smell fresh all day long.

3. Toto Sw3084#12 | Toto C5 Bidet for Hemorrhoids: Best Overall

Toto C5 Bidet for Hemorrhoids
Toto C5 Bidet for Hemorrhoids

With the Toto C5 Bidet, you can experience a refreshing clean for everyone. It is gentle yet powerful and provides effective cleaning.

The warm water and pre-set cleansing options make it easy to customize your cleansing experience.

Product Details

Item Weight‎14.82 pounds
Product Dimensions‎20.88 x 15.06 x 0.99 inches
Country of Origin‎Malaysia
Size‎C5 Elongated
Color‎Sedona Beige
Finish‎Sedona Beige
Pattern‎Toilet Seat
Item Package Quantity‎1
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Alkaline
Warranty Description‎1 year

Features and Performance

1. Cleansing Performance

  • To help reduce waste, PREMIST automatically sprays water on the toilet bowl before each use, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the other aspects of your business.
  • This also creates a more hygienic environment and means you can clean your toilet less frequently.

2. Warm Water Performance

  • The adjustable warm water can be set to the perfect temperature for any user’s needs.
  • The TOTO SW3084 12 provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button.

3. Advanced Spray Performance

  • Features a powerful yet gentle spray that provides an effective clean. The dual-action spray helps to remove dirt, grime, and stains from all areas of the toilet bowl.
  • It also features an oscillating option that provides a thorough cleaning to hard-to-reach areas.

4. Warm Air Dryer Feature and Performance

  • Drying yourself off after a shower has never been easier. The warm air dryer can be adjusted to your preference, saving you money and energy on toilet paper.
  • This is also a great choice for those with postures that make it difficult to reach down.

5. Special Control Features

  • Features a wand that is designed to clean the toilet with EWATER inside and out, so you don’t have to touch anything.

6. Seat and Lid Performance

  • It features a heated seat, making it comfortable to use during the winter months. The lid also has SoftClose technology, which makes it easy to close without slamming or banging.

7. Night Use Feature and Performance

  • The Toto C5 bidet has a nightlight that softly illuminates your path in the dark.
  • This is an excellent feature for those who need to use the restroom at night and don’t want to turn on any lights.

8. Deodorizer Feature and Performance

  • The automatic air deodorizer negates bathroom odors by using powerful filters. It also cleans the air around the toilet so that the experience there is nicer.

9. Sanitation Feature

  • The sanitation feature on the Toto Sw3084 12 is a nozzle that sprays water to clean the user’s private parts after using the toilet.
  • This reduces the spread of bacteria and germs on the area between one’s buttocks and genitals, which is an area that is often not washed properly.

10. Convenience Features

  • Has a wide range of convenience features that set it apart from other toilets on the market.
  • These include a heated seat to help with those cold winter mornings and an air dryer for those days when you can’t reach your towel or hand dryer.

Special Benefits for Hemorrhoids

1. Wider Spray Mode

  • It features a gentle yet powerful water spray that provides effective clean, adjustable warm water and pressure settings and dual action spray wand.

2. Best Warm Air Dryer

  • Offers a temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer. This dryer reduces the need for toilet paper and creates an air of luxury that you won’t find in any other bidet seat on the market.

3. Endless Warm Water

  • Has an inbuilt water heating reservoir to store warm water. This allows the user to have a warm wash and dry off with paper, saving them time.


  • The eWater+ feature is why we believe that this product can offer something more to potential customers.
  • Indeed, the wireless remote’s personalization settings make it all the more appealing.
  • With warm air drying, you can reduce your toilet paper expenditure every year.
  • has air deodorizer.


  • The wireless remote control runs on batteries and is not rechargeable, which means once the batteries are low, they will become difficult to use.
  • Some customers have complained about a water heating system.

The Toto Sw3084 12 is perfect for people with hemorrhoids because it has an adjustable water pressure, heated seat and air dryer, remote control, and angled nozzle.

This heated bidet seat provides consistent warmth coverage over the full seat surface and features a SoftClose heated seat with a warm air dryer.

It also has a user-friendly remote control that allows for easy adjustments to temperature and water pressure.

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Other Value for Money Bidet Attachments for Hemorrhoids

There are several different types of bidet attachments for hemorrhoid relief on the market today and they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, prices, and styles so there is something for everyone!

But the bidets that we have listed below are the best value for the money. We have listed the two best bidets i.e. Bio Bidet USPA 6800U and Toto K300 bidet with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Best Bidet Attachment for Hemorrhoids

Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Best Bidet Attachment for Hemorrhoids
Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Best Bidet Attachment for Hemorrhoids

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 is the best value for the money which is perfect for hemorrhoids. This bidet doesn’t have an adjustable spray width, but it does offer a wider and softer water stream in the ‘bubble’ mode.

Product Detail

Brand‎Bio Bidet
Item Weight‎15.67 pounds
Package Dimensions‎22.5 x 17.6 x 8.7 inches
Batteries‎3 AAA batteries required. (included)
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎No

Features and Performance

1. Cleansing Performance

  • The dual-nozzle setup on the washing wand provides an effective way of cleaning whether you want to clean the front or back.
  • Each session lasts a minute and there are 5 different nozzle positions so you can get a more accurate aim.
  • This will allow you to clean areas quicker with just 0.24 gallons per minute of water flow!

2. Warm Water Performance

  • A bidet that is powered by a water heater, this model is only supposed to provide a limited amount of warm water.

3. Advanced Spray Performance

  • The oscillation mode on the bidet is designed to offer you a more thorough clean.
  • The IPP enema mode doubles as both a pulsating massage and an air wash.
  • The special button releases extra bubbles for gentler, more dispersed water jets.

4. Warm Air Dryer Feature and Performance

  • The dryer is a dual-speed model and both the air temperature and speed can be adjusted.
  • The air velocity is 1028 ft per minute which is only ok. The temperature can go as high as 140°F though.

5. Seat and Lid Performance

  • The heated seat of this bidet can be set to a temperature between 91-102° F (32.8-38.9° C).
  • It also has another outstanding feature, a slow-closing lid, and seat to prevent wear and tear.

6. Night Use Feature and Performance

  • In-bowl nightlight for safe bathroom navigation in the dark.

7. Deodorizer Feature and Performance

  • The USPA 6800U is one of the few non-luxury bidets in the bunch that have an air deodorizer for a breath of fresh air.

8. Sanitation Feature

  • The dual-nozzle system self-cleans before and after each use (automatically) and on demand.

9. Convenience Features

  • The bidet has nice presets, with the option to save your own settings and alter the pressure, temperature, and more.
  • this bidet’s Auto mode offers an EASY operation: oscillation, massage, and a basic clean-up. It also has a 3-minute dry cycle.
  • Pressing the child button means that a wider variety of settings are available at your fingertips and kids shouldn’t have to worry about adjusting anything.

Special Benefits for Hemorrhoids

1. Bubble Spray mode for Soft Cleansing

  • Equipped with a bubble setting that provides a broader, softer spray pattern.
  • This allows for more coverage and comfort while still delivering the same amount of water.

2. Dual Nozzle for Gentler Cleansing

  • Features a dual nozzle that provides gentle cleansing for the user.
  • The nozzle can be used as an oscillating or pulsating stream, depending on the preference of the user.


  • Dispersed hole pattern delivers a softer cleansing (front & rear)
  • A soft and soothing cleansing experience thanks to the bubble setting, which infuses microbubbles into the water stream.


  • performance of warm air dryer is weak
  • Customers have complained that there is no spray width adjustment.

Bio Bidet USPA 6800U is a good choice for people who have hemorrhoids. It features a dual nozzle for gentler cleansing and a bubble spray for extra-soft cleansing.

The dispersing hole pattern also ensures that the water is dispersed evenly and gets to all areas of your body.

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800U has been designed to be gentle on your skin and can help you with symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as pain, itching, discomfort, and burning.

2. Toto SW3036#12 | Toto K300 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids

Toto K300 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids
Toto K300 Bidet Seat for Hemorrhoids

Toto K300 Bidet is a high-tech electronic bidet that fits right onto your current toilet seat.

It delivers advanced technology to make sure you’re the cleanest and driest person around.

The TOTO WASHLET is the ultimate bathroom experience, featuring a heated and adjustable stream that can rinse you more effectively than the use of toilet paper alone.

You’ll feel cleaner than you ever have before and more refreshed.

Product Detail

Item Weight‎14.5 pounds
Product Dimensions‎20.88 x 15.13 x 0.99 inches
Item model number‎SW3036#01
Batteries‎2 AA batteries required. (included)
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Color‎Cotton White
Style‎Self-Cleaning Wand
Pattern‎Toilet Seat
Voltage‎120 Volts
Item Package Quantity‎1
Batteries Included?‎Yes
Batteries Required?‎Yes
Battery Cell Type‎Alkaline
Warranty Description1 Year

Features and Performance

1. Cleansing Performance

  • It has a single, plastic multi-action nozzle that can be used to cleanse the rear and front areas.
  • The cleansing performance is good.

2. Warm Water Performance

  • Designed with 3 temperature settings for water temp adjustment, which can be adjusted to your comfort level.
  • The Toto K300 has an instantaneous water heater for endless warm water that never drops below 97.5° F (36.4° C).

3. Advanced Spray Performance

  • The K300 also has a nozzle oscillating mode which provides better coverage than many other products on the market.
  • The rear soft mode is gentle enough to cleanse the area around hemorrhoid while still providing a sense of comfort.
  • . It offers oscillating nozzles, which provide good coverage and a soothing massage setting.

4. Warm Air Dryer Feature and Performance

  • . It has a warm air dryer with multiple temperature settings, so you can find the setting that best suits your needs and preferences.

5. Spcial Control Features

  • Offers many features, including two users presets for saving your preferred water pressure/temperature and nozzle position.

6. Seat and Lid Performance

  • Has a slow-close seat and lid feature that prevents the slamming of the seat or lid when you close it.
  • This ensures that you don’t get any more pain from your hemorrhoids. It also has a quick-release button for easy bidet removal so you can clean it with ease at any time.

7. Sanitation Feature

  • The Toto K300 bidet from TOTO uses EWATER+ to sanitize the nozzles before and after each use (automatically) as well as on-demand.
  • It has a PREMIST function. TOTOs PREMIST function means you can spray the toilet bowl around you as soon as you sit down.
  • This is great for your hygiene and ensures a cleaner, more effective flush every time.

8. Deodorizer Feature and Performance

  • The bidet comes with a dual-speed air deodorizer that uses a carbon filter to remove odorous compounds.

9. User Presets Feature

  • This bidet has two user settings that let you store your preferred water pressure/temperature and nozzle position

Special Benefits for Hemorrhoids

1. Endless Warm Water

  • It comes with instant water heating for endless warm water. The 3 temperature settings for water temp adjustment allow you to find the perfect setting for your needs.

2. Adjustable Warm Air Dryer

It has an adjustable warm air dryer that can be set to different temperatures.

3. Soft Cleansing Sprayer

It has a soft cleansing sprayer that helps to get rid of fecal matter and other unwanted substances from the body.


  • 2 different user settings.
  • Remote controlling feature
  • With SoftClose heated seat.
  • Water heating system.
  • Has a dual-action spray.


  • You just need user manuals to install.
  • Spend more water.


Toto K300 Bidet Seat offers the ultimate luxury and convenience for people who suffer from hemorrhoids.

The bidet seat is designed to provide a complete cleansing experience by using warm water and an air dryer to cleanse the body. The warm air dryer provides a comfortable way to dry off after washing.

This feature is especially helpful for people with hemorrhoids, as it can reduce irritation and itching. Additionally, the bidet seat has an adjustable warm water spray that can be set at one of three intensity levels.

This allows users to choose how much water they want to use during their cleansing process.

What Are the Things to Consider When Buying the Best Bidet for Hemorrhoids?

There are many factors to consider when you are looking for the best bidet for hemorrhoids. These include:

Hemorrhoid-friendly wash setting

The first thing to consider is the size and shape of your hemorrhoid-friendly wash setting. Some people have a difficult time cleaning their rectum, so you should get something that would be comfortable and easy for you.

Warm Air Dryer

Features include a warm air dryer which is helpful if you have hemorrhoids or other issues with your skin or genitals that need drying off after using the bidet.

Soft spray pattern

The bidet should be easy to clean, have a softer spray pattern, and be able to accommodate various users of different sizes.

Soft spray patterns are one of the most comfortable options for hemorrhoid sufferers because they don’t irritate or cause pain.

Endless warm water

Some bidets offer endless warm water which means that you don’t have to worry about washing your hands with cold water and you can wash off the residual dirt without having to resort to toilet paper.

It is perfect for relieving pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

Adjustable pressure and temperature

The bidet should have an adjustable water pressure and temperature setting, as well as an easy-to-read display that allows you to see the settings at all times.


Are Bidets Good for Hemorrhoids?

Yes. Bidets can help reduce this strain and make it easier to go to the bathroom without pain. While bidets cannot cure hemorrhoids, they can help provide relief from symptoms such as itching, burning, and bleeding.

Can a Bidet Aggravate Hemorrhoids?

The use of a bidet can aggravate hemorrhoids. Bidets can cause irritation to the anal area and make hemorrhoids more inflamed. The water in the bidet might also increase pressure on veins around the rectum, which could worsen hemorrhoids. However, these risks are minimal and there are many benefits of using a bidet for cleaning the anal region.

Can a Bidet Give You Hemorrhoids

Some people believe that using a bidet can lead to hemorrhoids because they think that the water may irritate their anal area and cause swelling. However, this is not true at all. Bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper because they clean the area better and completely dry it off afterward, unlike toilet paper, which can leave a residue if you don’t use it enough or wipe it too hard.

Are Bidets Safe for Hemorrhoids

Yes, they are safe to use. Bidets can help alleviate symptoms of hemorrhoids by providing a gentle stream of water to cleanse the area around your anus. They can also be used to gently cleanse your anal canal and rectum.


All the bidets that we have mentioned above are good for hemorrhoids. These all Bidets help with hemorrhoids in an effective way by keeping the anal region much cleaner than toilet paper ever could. Many people already wipe too hard when they poop, which only worsens itchiness and discomfort.

When life gives you hemorrhoids, switch to using a bidet. This will soothe the pain and prevent any further irritation.

I hope this bidets for Hemorrhoids article helped you to find the answer that you were looking for. Thanks For Reading

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