Bidet Not Spraying? Here are 5+ Causes & Solution 

Bidet nozzles can be clogged by hard water deposits and dirt, to unclog it use 1 cup vinegar and dip the bidet nozzle in it.

When you have a bidet, it is important to keep the water supply clean.  If you are having trouble with your bidet, 

then it might be that the water supply has a problem. Check your toilet for leaks and replace the parts that are worn out.

Another reason why your bidet not spraying is seat sensor may be faulty. Check the seat sensor of the bidets whether it is installed properly or not. 

If your bidet nozzle is bent, it may not be spraying water. You can usually fix this bent nozzle problem by replacing the nozzle with a new one. 

Check if anything is stuck in the Bidet water supplying pipe. To avoid clogging, you will need to flush the toilet at least twice after using the toilet brush before turning off the water supply.